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Easyspace provides most forms of web hosting, with plenty of options to choose from a variety of off-the-shelf plans, as well as the ability to customize your hosting to meet your specific needs. This level of adjustability and choice also assures that there is something for every budget.

Organizing that is shared
Easyspace’s standard hosting plans are all-around solutions suitable for everyone from bloggers to small businesses to well-known retailers.

Unlike many shared hosting companies that rent space on a single server, Easyspace leverages its cloud architecture to improve and balance tons accessibility across all of its web hosting plans.

Easyspace provides a wide range of alternatives even within the typical holding classification. The following is a list of the main options that failed.

Traditional Strategies
Easyspace offers two’standard’ common organizing plans, one with 10 GB of storage space and 5 data sources, and the other geared for business users with unlimited disk space and databases. However, keep in mind that Easyspace’s definition of ‘unrestricted’ is defined by an acceptable use clause, which limits shared storage to 250 GB.

Both solutions work with the Apache environment and may be used on either Linux or Windows.

Customized Programs
Easyspace allows you to create your own holding plan for complete flexibility. You begin by selecting one of four pre-made layouts:

A company website with up to 20 customers
a website for downloading
A website having a large number of visitors
A huge database-driven website.
Easyspace clients value the ability to customize their organizational tactics. This amount of control is rare among hosts.
Although these configurations provide suggestions for your needs, you can customize your plan by selecting up to 200 email accounts, up to 50 GB of disk space, and up to 20 MySQL data sources. The fee is computed based on your selection, which is ideal for ensuring that you only pay for what you require. You can choose between Linux and Windows OS, just as you do with the basic plans.

NGINX is a web server that is used to provide fast WordPress hosting.
Easyspace leverages optimized WordPress organization to improve the super-fast NGINX web server environment, as well as the pricing mechanism for high-performance WordPress sites. WordPress subscriptions provide unlimited storage, databases, about 20 GB of email storage per domain, and limitless IMAP mail boxes. As a criterion, PHP Myadmin is used.


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